Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sports Update

Just a quick sports update.
-I have decided to make a renewed dedication to my SF Giants. They have gone through a few down years, but I think this is the year it starts to change. With a tough pitching staff, they will win a few more games this year, and if the dogs pitching staff doesnt develop well, then I could see an outside chance at the NL West crown.

-Masters week may be higher than the first weekend of march madness on my favorite sports week list. I am always excited for it, but every year I watch the par 3 tourney and realize how special this tournament is. Remember, live coverage of amen corner and 15 & 16 can be found here, even when ESPN or CBS coverage has not started.

-Does it please anyone else to see the Yanks drop their first two?

-Any suggestions on sporting events to use my razorgator credit for?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Pay Off

Ok, it has been long enough. I really doubted my testimony of blogging, but my wife has helped me see that I should continue. Lets see if I can keep it up again.

Last night, my sports obsession paid off, literally. I am on a site called Wazzel where you pick the winners of games based on the betting lines. Instead of risking cash, you win and lose points with each pick. They say that in the future you will be able to cash in the points for prizes, like at an arcade. Over the past three weeks, I participated in a contest called Wazzel Madness. While most march madness contests consist of picking all the winners before the tournament starts, this one allows you to pick game by game, again based on the betting line. The amount of points possible to win increased by round, with the first round games worth 2000 points and the championship game worth 10000. Going into yesterdays game, I was winning by 6000 points, with only one other person in the running for a win, who was down by 18000. Since I was in first, I waited until late to make the pick, so no one could make their pick based on mine. Picking UNC at -7.5 wasnt very difficult, it was just hard picking period, knowing what was on the line. I didnt want to be like Tyler and screw up when the pressure was on!

Finally it was game time. After Carolina scored the first basket, the CBS feed went out. It was out on both cable and satellite, I dont know if it was just us or if it was the SLC affiliate, but I wasnt very happy. I was able to get the game online, so that saved a very stressful night. Honestly, the outcome was never really in doubt, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head throughout the game so there would be no jinx. Finally, with about 2 minutes left, I declared myself the winner and broke out the champagne. Actually, there was no champagne, but that would have been fun to spray all over the house. In the end, I won a $750 voucher for the ticket website RazorGator. I thought picking with the lead was tough, but deciding what sporting event I want to go to will be a huge challenge!

It is about time all the hours I have spent in front of the TV pays off. Let this be a lesson to you kids, hard work pays off.