Thursday, February 28, 2008

A smattering of thoughts

Just a few things that have been on my mind...

-Why do people make movies that are rated R just for violence? Shaylee and I just finished Michael Clayton (conveniently edited by clearplay) and there was literally nothing else cut out other than swearing. Just cut those 20 words out and you will make at least $20 million more!

-Stephen Colbert is the best satirest of our time.

-3 months is such a long/short time!

-Yankee Stadium is looming in my near future.

-By the way, Michael Clayton was the best George Clooney movie I have ever seen. I know that isnt saying much (he has taken over hollywood despite having just one movie in the top 100 grossing movies of all time), but I would recommend it to just about anyone.

-Why are some people so flakey?

-Females do not belong in the broadcast booth for a mens college basketball game, keep them as sideline reporters!

-Many people gave me a hard time about my body pillow that was mentioned in a recent post. Shaylee was the one who told me to include it...she finds it very amusing.

-Friday Night Lights CANNOT end like it did. If it doesnt get renewed, I am going on a killing rampage of NBC executives.

-I need a tan.

-This has been an excellent College Basketball season...and will only get better once the rebs are dancing!

-KFC hot wings bring me so much joy and happiness.

-The name Alec basically means Superman...(to quote keith)look it up.

-I wish I had been better at writing in my journal as a child.

-Texting is ruining the way people develop relationships, I think I will devote a whole post to this one day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My application

As you all know, there are only two things I like about BYU. The Mens Chorus and Men's Volleyball (but even then I prefer Pepperdine or Long Beach). Whenever I talk about my, many people like to ask the question, Did you apply to BYU? This was recently brought up again by my loving shi'ite uncle. Here is the answer. Yes I did apply, but only because I applied to BYU-Hawaii. Never once have I considered attending BYU, but I checked the box because you could apply to both schools, I even checked BYU-I which I would rank even lower on my list than Provo, because there was no extra charge on the application. You never know what will happen when it comes to college applications, the more the merrier. Plus, I think I would have been excommunicated for not applying to Provo!

There is the explanation for all you that have ever asked me that question. Dont try to use it against me...I was just being a good Eagle Scout. "Be Prepared"

Kruger's love child

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another one of these stupid tag things

10 Years Ago....

I was 11 years old and dreamt of being a professional athlete, basically what I still dream about today.

5 Things on my to do list Today

1. Hang up laundry
2. Register for wedding
3. Eat a few meals
4. Watch Memphis/Tennessee
5. Become a millionaire

4 Things I would do If I was a Billionaire

1. Drop out of school
2. Buy an NFL team
3. Go to Brazil and build houses
4. Follow the Rebels to every game

3 Bad Habits

1. I am too humble
2. I think about others way more than myself
3. My shoes are too beautiful

5 Places I've Lived

1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Cedar City, UT
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. Cedar City, UT

5 Jobs I've Had

1. Master of the File Room - Leavitt Insurance Agency
2. Runner - Hutchison and Steffen. Thats where I realized the worthlessness of most (notice I said most, Andrew) Lawyers.
3. Vice President of Rating - Leavitt Insurance Agency. Who else has ever had a VP title?

6 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. 5th grade was the highlight of my athletic career. Champs in basketball and hockey, I was the MVP of the hockey team.
2. I will learn Italian before I go to Italy.
3. I am addicted to The Real World and all spinoffs/challenges.
4. I really appreciate good art.
5. My body pillow has a name...Julie Taylor. And I sleep with her every night.
6. I enjoy not having a favorite NBA team.

I refuse to tag anyone else. I HATE these things!

Proposal details and wedding stuff

I have received many requests for details on how I proposed...but Im not good at telling the story so I will leave it to her.

So here I am, My first attempt at blogging! Kind of exciting stuff... bet you've been dying to hear about Dixon's proposal! Well, no worries, I am here to give you all the details. So, Once upon a time, I used to go swing on swings in my hometown Kaysville Utah with my girlfriends...but this wasn't just plain swinging on swings, this was better than that, cuz we would swing on swings with frostys! I know, its pretty fun stuff! Well, I told Dixon that I did that with my friends in high school all the time, but I don't know how he remembered that, cuz its not like I kept telling him that over and over. So, this past weekend when we were up visiting my family, Dixon made a request to go swing on swings with me, but substitute hot chocolate for the frostys! Well, I am not one to turn down swinging on swings, so of course I was gung ho about that! After putting ice cubes in our hot chocolate so that it wasn't so hot... I guess I lied, we didn't have hot chocolate, we had warm chocolate! But anyways, we went to the ghetto park where I used to always swing! Dixon was pushin me on the swing, and me being the random person that I am was rambling on about stupid things, when he slowed my swing down to a stop, and said "wait here!" My heart started racing a little bit, because I am a blonde, and I hadn't even thought that this was a proposal... well, he comes around and gets down on one knee and says "Shaylee Anderson, will you marry me?" Now most people would think that I would answer right away, but I was completely breathless, I couldn't even say anything, bless his heart, he had to wait for ever till I finally said "YES!!" and then it was an episode from legally blonde with me waving my hands all funny and kind of sort of hyperventilating... I didn't even know that I could hyperventilate! So after freaking out just a little, we got in the car and he put on our song... I know, so romantic right?! I thought it was a little piece of heaven! Fun story huh?! I sure think so!

That was the great story from my beautiful bride to be! We are excited for the big day, May 28.

Now, on to our day. We decided to go down to St. George and get some wedding stuff done. Register, sample cake, look at wedding dresses and find what we are going to wear in our Engagement pictures. We were feeling very ambitious, to take all of this on in one day.

We started at Bed, Bath and Beyond, where Tiff told us is the best place to register. They give you cash for returns instead of store credit. The girl who got us all set up was very helpful. It is an overwhelming thing, especially for the girl. It doenst matter to me if all the different kitchen things match our mixing bowls and salt shakers. I never realized we would have to decide how to decorate the whole house in 2 hours. We were showed how to use the scanner, which was my favorite part, and we took off. There were a lot of decisions to make, most of which received an "its fine with me" answer. I enjoyed smelling the different scents of candles. I dont know how many times I said, "Shay, just scan it, if we dont get it, but want it, we will get 10% off, if we do get it and dont want it, we can take it back!" After 2 hours, we had gone through the whole store and scanned more than 200 different items.

Following Bed, Bath and Beyond was the bridal store. This overwhelmed Shaylee, but it would get worse! She tried on a few wedding dresses and looked absolutely beautiful. Now she knows what kind of dress she wants.

We picked up some lunch then went to Target to continue registering. The scanning gun at Target was a lot better than the other one, in fact, it even looked like a gun. I enjoyed Target a lot more than Bed, Bath and Beyond. A lot of the stuff was similar, but I liked the electronics section. They had all 6 seasons of scrubs, which would be a great present (hint, hint). We spent another 2 hours there, and left after adding almost 300 things to our list.

We had about an hour before we needed to be back, so we went over to the mall to choose what to wear for our Engagement pictures. I thought Shaylee was overwhelmed looking at dresses, but that was nothing compared to how she felt at the mall. She could not find good colors to go together and just got more and more frustrated. It is much harder for girls to shop than it is for guys. She came very close to breaking down before we decided to head home and try again next week.

All in all, it was a very productive saturday. It actually feels like our list of things to do it getting shorter instead of longer!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The NCAA and Kelvin Sampson

Its time for me to publicly make known my feelings on the whole Kelvin Sampson situation. I talked to my dad about it the other day, but my feelings have changed a bit since then.

I do think he should be fired. He cheated, is a repeat offender, and needs to go. But...the university should be punished also, for knowingly hiring a cheater. Here is what I think should happen. Players should not suffer because of the choices of their coach. They should be allowed to finish the season, participate in post season tourneys and so on. Once the season ends, these players should be given the option to transfer without sitting out a year. They should not be stuck in a program that will be sanctioned because their coach cheated to get them there. Incoming players will know that ahead of time, which would be the difference.

Indiana should lose as many scholarships for as many players that leave, for the time remaining on each scholarship. If a player with 3 years left leaves, they lose that scholarship for 3 years, etc. This will show how the kids that earn scholarships really feel about the situation. If, 10 of the 12 scholarship players leave, they lose those 10 scholarships for however amount of time remains on each one. I know the NCAA doesnt have the guts to do something like this to a big program, although they might think about it if UNLV was in the same situation...

That would be about as close to the death penalty as possible. Could you imagine a new coach playing in the big 10 with more than half of his players as walk ons? I think Indiana would learn very quickly what the consequences are for hiring a cheater.

I believe in second chances, but people need to prove they have changed. Kelvin Sampson was on probation with the NCAA when he was hired!

While I am talking about the NCAA...

They need to do something about the constant change of coaches, especially in football. Bobby Petrino has signed almost 20 years worth of contracts over the past 4 years. I understand it is a business and if a job you want opens up, you should look into getting it. The bad thing in college sports is the effect this has on the athletes. Here is my solution.

First, make a special rule (maybe just for football) that players can transfer to another program without sitting out a year if their coach leaves, for a reason other than being fired. Especially if the new coach runs a different system.

Case in point. Ryan Mallett at Arkansas. Last season, he started 7 games as a freshman at Michigan. He is 6'8, 250 pounds. Coach Carr decides to retire, and Rich "Shredder" Rodriguez is hired. Shredder runs a spread offense. All of a sudden, Mallett (the #1 QB in the country coming out of high school) goes from the top of the depth chart to third or fourth.

Mallett decides to transfer, which is a great decision because of his NFL potential. Normally, he would have to sit out a year before playing, but he has filed a petition with the NCAA to recieve a waiver of that year. The NCAA will review that request, but i doubt it will be granted.

With the way football coached bounce around from program to program and with the Rich Rodriguez example, not even power schools are exempt, the NCAA really needs to figure out a way to lessen the impact this has on the athletes. Many of the football and basketball players in the NCAA are trying to make a living in the future through their talents, and a certain coach may be a big reason they choose a certain school. At the same time, everyone needs motivation, and if Coach graduated from USC, and that job opens up, he should go after that job. If the new coach cannot use the player in a similar way, there should be nothing keeping him from going somewhere that will use him. If I am an English major because I want to work with a certain faculty member and that faculty member finds a better job elsewhere, I can transfer to another school that would be a better fit!

I think football has many more "bouncing coaches" then basketball does, but if the NCAA creates a small committee to review each transfer case by case, everyone can have a chance to find a way out of a sudden coaching move.

One other option would be to try and limit the length of coaching contracts and extensions, which can express a false sense of commitment. Bobby Petrino signed a 6 year extension with Louisville, only to leave less than a year later to sign a 4 year deal with the Falcons. Again, less than a year later, he leaves the falcons to sign a multiyear deal with Arkansas.

The NCAA is a huge moneymaking machine, but never seems to make the right moves. Maybe that can change with the whole Kelvin Sampson.

Monday, February 18, 2008


As of Saturday night, Shaylee and I are officially engaged. We are getting married on May 28th in the Bountiful Temple. There is a lot to do between now and then, but we are excited to get it all planned. Here are a few pictures of us and her ring. James did such a great job!!! Sorry that the picture is sideways, but ive tried to change it a few times and nothing worked.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

ABC's of Dixon Wade Leavitt

Thanks a lot heather!! I am not a big fan of these things, but I have been called out.

A - Attached or single? Attached
B - Best friend? Shaylee Anderson
C - Cake or pie? Pie, without a doubt
D - Day of choice? Friday & Saturday
E - Essential item? iPhone. "Its more than a phone, it a lifestyle" ~Dixon Leavitt
F - Favorite clothing item?
G - Greatest ambition in life? The greatest dad in the world
H - Hometown? Vegas baby!!!
I - Indulgence? Food - KFC hot wings, Life - Music
J - Jan. or July? July, its my birthday month!
K - Kids? Of course!
L - Life isn't complete without? Music and the gospel
M - Movie? Can I name more than one? Recently, The Shawshank Redemption, Across the Universe and Juno
N - Number of bros and sis? 1 awesome brother, 3 crazy sisters
O - Oranges or apples? oranges in juice, apples off the tree
P - Phobia or fear? failure
Q - Quote? "Its harder to do things when you are tired" ~Bob Bertolini (If you dont know him, you are missing out on many great quotes.)
R - Reason to smile? I am alive and healthy
S - Season of choice? summer
T - TV show? Friday Night Lights, The Office, The Real World, College Basketball
U - Unknown fact about me? As much as I hate to say this, I am starting to accept dogs for who they really are. :)
V - Vegetable? Carrots and Brocolli
W - Worst habit? I am way too judgemental.
X - ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound! When they are rubbing that gel on an injury it feels so good
Y - Your favorite food? Dont ask me to judge...
Z - Zodiac sign? Cancer

I guess I am supposed to name people here to do the same thing...but I dont want to put you on the spot. If after reading this, you feel so inclined, please repost for yourself.

An e-goog-lee

For those that dont understand the title, I would like to refer you to a scene from Zoolander when Derek pronounces Eulogy as it is spelled phonetically above.

Here is a short remembrance of Mitt Romney, who announced a suspension of his candidacy for POTUS. As I am sure a few of you were disappointed with my last post (Heather), this one should make you a bit happier. Although I wasnt sure whether or not he was ready to be President, he did a lot of good.

When I first heard that Mitt Romney was considering running for President, I thought one thing...that will be hard on him. This is the case for all, but for an active member of the church, it would be that much harder. I was scared at how he would represent the Church and the scrutiny that would come upon him. His speech late last year in Texas about the importance of religion in our lives and its role in his campaign was one I will remember for a long time.

I hope he will take the next few years to gain more experience aside from economics and think about making a run in 2012. It would be great to have someone in office who understands the blessings God is willing to give to those who hold public office. Although, if Condi decides to run, he will have to convince me why I shouldnt vote for her!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just a few things

Go buy the new Jack Johnson CD. The song Angel is my new favorite, but the whole CD is amazing. Also, if you are a beatles/musicals fan, watch Across the Universe. It is weird and artsy, but I enjoyed it immensely...even with Shaylee almost ruining the ending by telling me what was about to happen!

Super Tuesday is passed and it looks like the only answer we got is that all the candidates are childish and petty. Out of everyone, I lean more towards McCain. I like his leadership style and past experience. If that makes me a bad be it. I dont have anything against Romney, but I have never looked at him, or heard him and thought, I want to make him the next POTUS. Too many tanning beds and salons. How will he read his national security briefing with those little goggles over his eyes? Good guy, but should stay in business to make other people rich, that will do more to help the economy than any republican president could do with Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader. I still like Obama, if only I agreed with what he stands for. Wouldnt it be great to see a brotha in the White House? Maybe he could make Condi his running mate! That would be a sight to see...

Im headed up to the Utah-UNLV game tonight. I think it will be a close game until the final 7 or 8 minutes. Rebels by 9. Justin and I are making the trip up and will head back after the game. Oh, the joys of college life!