Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny Finance Fiascos

My most boring class this semester is Managerial Finance. The professor is a good guy, but its about his time to retire. Every session I battle to keep my phone and bejeweled in my pocket, which lately I have been losing. Today, something amazing happened, almost like BYU winning a game in the NCAA Tournament, its bound to happen sometime, but is very surprising when it does.
Even though school started three weeks ago, the professor decided to have each student introduce themselves, the typical "what is your major, year in school and a few interesting facts" thing. This provided some obvious comedic gold, but little did we know the last guy (referred to as BB) would inspire laughs previously unheard in room 208 from 11-12. When it was BB's turn, he asked if he could stay sitting since his legs hurt. Then he said, "Well, I will try to stand up, but it is hard to use your legs after doing 450 lbs. on the leg press last night." Immediately, he had 65 people laughing, even though it wasnt meant to be a joke. Then his interesting fact was that he once went 5 days without sleeping, which was probably not very surprising to most in the room. Once the introduce yourself exercise finished, I thought it was back to the normal doldrums that accompany the class...but I was wrong.
One assignment in this class is to do a two minute presentation on business ethics. it can be a personal experience, a story from the paper, or even something made up. The first guy got up and put his powerpoint on the wall. The name "Tony Stark", or Iron Man, was on the first slide, which lead us to believe that was the presenters name. What followed was absolutely amazing. His presentation was about the ethical dilemma that Tony Stark faced as the head of Stark Industries and as Iron Man, so it was basically the plot of the box office hit from this previous summer.

Not only did he come up with this great idea, but he was able to present it with a straight face, while the whole class was laughing.
I have to do my ethics presentation on friday and am thinking of talking about the ethical dilemma that Batman faces when fighting the bad guys. His whole shtick is not killing people, but that must be hard when he considers all that they have done. The Iron Man presentation opened up a whole new world of ethical dilemmas to me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Nah Nah Nah

While surfing around the interwebs last night, I came across a sneak preview of a new scrubs episode. What follows is the greatest fantasy JD has ever allowed us to see.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toot Toot

(By the way Johnny, you can't earn a jump ball when you are not touching said ball! Se parafuse!)

It's about time. I went through the gamut of emotions in about 4 hours yesterday. When I came home from work, shay and I decided to go to the gym. Since the byu-unlv game was later, I wanted to wear my lucky rebels shirt. After going through my closet I couldn't find it. I started to panic but shay helped me out and the crisis was averted...for now. I had a great workout and we ordered the new Natural pizza from Pizza Hut, which is great by the way. We got settled in for the game and I made a critical mistake...I grabbed a blue powerade from the fridge. The first half then proceeded to mAke me extremely mad, I couldn't understand why the Rebs decided not to show up, especially Oscar on the defensive end! I finished up my powerade as the first half ended and spent halftime mad At the world. Alec called when he got out of class as the second half was starting and I was able to vent my frustrations. After byu called an early timeout, I realized my mistake. How could I enjoy anything blue on this day!?! The rest of the half proceeded in direct opposite to the first and the Rebs escaped with a big road win. It had been a long time coming!

Now, to address the blog title. Before the game, I made two predictions: a final score prediction of 78-70, and that the rebels would win if Wink scored more than 20 points with at least 8 of those coming from the free throw line. As the CBSC broadcast ended, I realized my final score prediction was two points off, 76-70, which can be directly attributed to one of the technical free throws that Wink missed and the front end of the last two free throws that Tre'Von missed with a second or two left! I usually predict the score for every game and this is my closest prediction of the season. Then, as I was reading the Sun today, I saw that Wink went 8-10 from the line for 22 points. I batted 1.000 yesterday! Too bad I wasn't around any sports books, I was on fire! Hence the blog title, Not to toot my own horn but...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Long-Awaited Reunion

SPIRIT WORLD-After more than 25 years of being apart, Bert and Joyce Leavitt were reunited early Tuesday morning. In a beautiful moment, with countless souls watching, Bert pulled his wife into his arms, speechless after so much time apart. It was a beautiful sight to see, such lasting love being rekindled. The decision had been made, Joyce would no longer be a mortal servant, taking care of her sisters, husband or children during sickness; it was time for the next mission, this time with her husband.
Joyce had served hundreds, or maybe thousands, of people during her time on Earth, especially after the loss of her husband. A few missions in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C, and Salt Lake City are just a few examples of the time she spent serving. She outlived not only her husband, but also her eldest son and daughter. This was a woman who had experienced much heartbreak, but had taken those experiences and turned them into positives that she could learn from. For the past 15 years, Joyce organized "Gram's Beach Party," which outsiders may call a family reunion, but those that experienced it will attest to the "party" part of the name. There is no doubt those she left behind will continue this great tradition.
I am lucky enough to have had a personal relationship with Joyce, who is my Grammy. During my school years, she missed only a handful of sporting events, choir concerts or other events where I requested her presence. Short, routine chores at her house turned into an afternoon full of stories. I have never met another 80 year old woman who was up to date on not only the family team, UNLV, but multiple sports. Countless times I walked into her house on weekends to find a golf tournament or college basketball game on the television.
In my mind, Gram didn't age for my first 20 years of life; she jumped straight from 60 to 80. The last few years were hard for her. She walked slower, breathed harder and just didn't have the energy to take her to all the places she wanted to be. All of a sudden I started to think of a time without her, which I just as quickly pushed out of my consciousness. My only regret is that my beautiful wife did not get to experience Christmas Morning with her. The breakfast tradition will continue, but there will always be someone missing; no Charlie brown tree, or crazy sweater with flashing Christmas lights. I hope the weird birthday hat doesn't disappear, that every child or grandchild frantically calls around on their special day so they can put the hat on their head for just a few seconds.

Witnesses to the reunion say it was one of the happiest moments they had ever seen, second only to their own reunions with loved ones. Even more people confirm what many of us here on Earth were thinking...she did hear the words, "Well done my Good and Faithful Servant."

Monday, January 12, 2009


Last night Shay and I were over at a friends house for a little sunday night get together. It was there I discovered the greatest board game ever created...Argue! The name explains the whole premise of the game, to take an assigned topic and convince the other players your argument is correct. Little did I know, Shay and I would provide entertainment for the remainder of the night. We argued about whether or not Supermodels are overrated, which is better: baked or mashed potatoes and I think there may have been one more argument in there but I dont really remember. It is a good thing we dont have this game in our house or else I would be sleeping on the couch everynight, after winning arguments of course! :) I think this is a perfect game for our upcoming Mexico adventure.