Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toot Toot

(By the way Johnny, you can't earn a jump ball when you are not touching said ball! Se parafuse!)

It's about time. I went through the gamut of emotions in about 4 hours yesterday. When I came home from work, shay and I decided to go to the gym. Since the byu-unlv game was later, I wanted to wear my lucky rebels shirt. After going through my closet I couldn't find it. I started to panic but shay helped me out and the crisis was averted...for now. I had a great workout and we ordered the new Natural pizza from Pizza Hut, which is great by the way. We got settled in for the game and I made a critical mistake...I grabbed a blue powerade from the fridge. The first half then proceeded to mAke me extremely mad, I couldn't understand why the Rebs decided not to show up, especially Oscar on the defensive end! I finished up my powerade as the first half ended and spent halftime mad At the world. Alec called when he got out of class as the second half was starting and I was able to vent my frustrations. After byu called an early timeout, I realized my mistake. How could I enjoy anything blue on this day!?! The rest of the half proceeded in direct opposite to the first and the Rebs escaped with a big road win. It had been a long time coming!

Now, to address the blog title. Before the game, I made two predictions: a final score prediction of 78-70, and that the rebels would win if Wink scored more than 20 points with at least 8 of those coming from the free throw line. As the CBSC broadcast ended, I realized my final score prediction was two points off, 76-70, which can be directly attributed to one of the technical free throws that Wink missed and the front end of the last two free throws that Tre'Von missed with a second or two left! I usually predict the score for every game and this is my closest prediction of the season. Then, as I was reading the Sun today, I saw that Wink went 8-10 from the line for 22 points. I batted 1.000 yesterday! Too bad I wasn't around any sports books, I was on fire! Hence the blog title, Not to toot my own horn but...


Trent said...

toot on, my friend.