Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funny Finance Fiascos

My most boring class this semester is Managerial Finance. The professor is a good guy, but its about his time to retire. Every session I battle to keep my phone and bejeweled in my pocket, which lately I have been losing. Today, something amazing happened, almost like BYU winning a game in the NCAA Tournament, its bound to happen sometime, but is very surprising when it does.
Even though school started three weeks ago, the professor decided to have each student introduce themselves, the typical "what is your major, year in school and a few interesting facts" thing. This provided some obvious comedic gold, but little did we know the last guy (referred to as BB) would inspire laughs previously unheard in room 208 from 11-12. When it was BB's turn, he asked if he could stay sitting since his legs hurt. Then he said, "Well, I will try to stand up, but it is hard to use your legs after doing 450 lbs. on the leg press last night." Immediately, he had 65 people laughing, even though it wasnt meant to be a joke. Then his interesting fact was that he once went 5 days without sleeping, which was probably not very surprising to most in the room. Once the introduce yourself exercise finished, I thought it was back to the normal doldrums that accompany the class...but I was wrong.
One assignment in this class is to do a two minute presentation on business ethics. it can be a personal experience, a story from the paper, or even something made up. The first guy got up and put his powerpoint on the wall. The name "Tony Stark", or Iron Man, was on the first slide, which lead us to believe that was the presenters name. What followed was absolutely amazing. His presentation was about the ethical dilemma that Tony Stark faced as the head of Stark Industries and as Iron Man, so it was basically the plot of the box office hit from this previous summer.

Not only did he come up with this great idea, but he was able to present it with a straight face, while the whole class was laughing.
I have to do my ethics presentation on friday and am thinking of talking about the ethical dilemma that Batman faces when fighting the bad guys. His whole shtick is not killing people, but that must be hard when he considers all that they have done. The Iron Man presentation opened up a whole new world of ethical dilemmas to me!