Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another one of these stupid tag things

10 Years Ago....

I was 11 years old and dreamt of being a professional athlete, basically what I still dream about today.

5 Things on my to do list Today

1. Hang up laundry
2. Register for wedding
3. Eat a few meals
4. Watch Memphis/Tennessee
5. Become a millionaire

4 Things I would do If I was a Billionaire

1. Drop out of school
2. Buy an NFL team
3. Go to Brazil and build houses
4. Follow the Rebels to every game

3 Bad Habits

1. I am too humble
2. I think about others way more than myself
3. My shoes are too beautiful

5 Places I've Lived

1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Cedar City, UT
3. Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Las Vegas, NV
5. Cedar City, UT

5 Jobs I've Had

1. Master of the File Room - Leavitt Insurance Agency
2. Runner - Hutchison and Steffen. Thats where I realized the worthlessness of most (notice I said most, Andrew) Lawyers.
3. Vice President of Rating - Leavitt Insurance Agency. Who else has ever had a VP title?

6 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. 5th grade was the highlight of my athletic career. Champs in basketball and hockey, I was the MVP of the hockey team.
2. I will learn Italian before I go to Italy.
3. I am addicted to The Real World and all spinoffs/challenges.
4. I really appreciate good art.
5. My body pillow has a name...Julie Taylor. And I sleep with her every night.
6. I enjoy not having a favorite NBA team.

I refuse to tag anyone else. I HATE these things!


Keith A. Runyon said...

Important piece of advice: Lose the "Jill Taylor" body pillow ASAP.

Heather said...

I dont think shay wants you sleeping with a named body pillow anymore...

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

I promise to never tag you again - it was fun to learn more about you though!

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

"Most" in posts by you and Keith means "all." Especially when it comes to the BYU discussion. By the way, didn't you apply to BYU???? Admit it, Dixon. --Andrew

Autumn said...

I'm addicted to the Gauntlet III. Seriously. Addicted.