Saturday, February 23, 2008

Proposal details and wedding stuff

I have received many requests for details on how I proposed...but Im not good at telling the story so I will leave it to her.

So here I am, My first attempt at blogging! Kind of exciting stuff... bet you've been dying to hear about Dixon's proposal! Well, no worries, I am here to give you all the details. So, Once upon a time, I used to go swing on swings in my hometown Kaysville Utah with my girlfriends...but this wasn't just plain swinging on swings, this was better than that, cuz we would swing on swings with frostys! I know, its pretty fun stuff! Well, I told Dixon that I did that with my friends in high school all the time, but I don't know how he remembered that, cuz its not like I kept telling him that over and over. So, this past weekend when we were up visiting my family, Dixon made a request to go swing on swings with me, but substitute hot chocolate for the frostys! Well, I am not one to turn down swinging on swings, so of course I was gung ho about that! After putting ice cubes in our hot chocolate so that it wasn't so hot... I guess I lied, we didn't have hot chocolate, we had warm chocolate! But anyways, we went to the ghetto park where I used to always swing! Dixon was pushin me on the swing, and me being the random person that I am was rambling on about stupid things, when he slowed my swing down to a stop, and said "wait here!" My heart started racing a little bit, because I am a blonde, and I hadn't even thought that this was a proposal... well, he comes around and gets down on one knee and says "Shaylee Anderson, will you marry me?" Now most people would think that I would answer right away, but I was completely breathless, I couldn't even say anything, bless his heart, he had to wait for ever till I finally said "YES!!" and then it was an episode from legally blonde with me waving my hands all funny and kind of sort of hyperventilating... I didn't even know that I could hyperventilate! So after freaking out just a little, we got in the car and he put on our song... I know, so romantic right?! I thought it was a little piece of heaven! Fun story huh?! I sure think so!

That was the great story from my beautiful bride to be! We are excited for the big day, May 28.

Now, on to our day. We decided to go down to St. George and get some wedding stuff done. Register, sample cake, look at wedding dresses and find what we are going to wear in our Engagement pictures. We were feeling very ambitious, to take all of this on in one day.

We started at Bed, Bath and Beyond, where Tiff told us is the best place to register. They give you cash for returns instead of store credit. The girl who got us all set up was very helpful. It is an overwhelming thing, especially for the girl. It doenst matter to me if all the different kitchen things match our mixing bowls and salt shakers. I never realized we would have to decide how to decorate the whole house in 2 hours. We were showed how to use the scanner, which was my favorite part, and we took off. There were a lot of decisions to make, most of which received an "its fine with me" answer. I enjoyed smelling the different scents of candles. I dont know how many times I said, "Shay, just scan it, if we dont get it, but want it, we will get 10% off, if we do get it and dont want it, we can take it back!" After 2 hours, we had gone through the whole store and scanned more than 200 different items.

Following Bed, Bath and Beyond was the bridal store. This overwhelmed Shaylee, but it would get worse! She tried on a few wedding dresses and looked absolutely beautiful. Now she knows what kind of dress she wants.

We picked up some lunch then went to Target to continue registering. The scanning gun at Target was a lot better than the other one, in fact, it even looked like a gun. I enjoyed Target a lot more than Bed, Bath and Beyond. A lot of the stuff was similar, but I liked the electronics section. They had all 6 seasons of scrubs, which would be a great present (hint, hint). We spent another 2 hours there, and left after adding almost 300 things to our list.

We had about an hour before we needed to be back, so we went over to the mall to choose what to wear for our Engagement pictures. I thought Shaylee was overwhelmed looking at dresses, but that was nothing compared to how she felt at the mall. She could not find good colors to go together and just got more and more frustrated. It is much harder for girls to shop than it is for guys. She came very close to breaking down before we decided to head home and try again next week.

All in all, it was a very productive saturday. It actually feels like our list of things to do it getting shorter instead of longer!


Heather said...

SO CUTE!!! i am so happy for the two of you...thanks for the details shay

steve said...

way romantic. i will bet you didn't get that from your daddy. what is your guys' song?