Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is my Eulogy to a friend, who departed my life as a roommate last week...

Justin Reese Hales, what can I say? We shared so many good times together. Even though you are secretly in love with my fiancee, you have always been there for me. KFC wings, rebel games after 4 hour drives and 5 dollar footlongs are just a smidgen of the many memories we have made together.

I remember our first night together. Snow was falling so hard from the sky, covering everything in sight. We decided to jump on the four wheelers and go crazy in the powdery goodness. Since I couldnt really see anything in the blizzard, you led the way, lighting my path so that I didnt get lost. We left our marks in the white fields of Cedar High School. Your only regret was not letting me pull you on your snowboard. We could have started a new fad...oh well, we had to fail somewhere.

Our Madden series ended up very close. I think you may have even pulled ahead with the Webelos in the end. I still have not beat them. As the weather got warmer, we worked on our tans by playing dunkball at the elementary school. Were you ever able to dunk cleanly? A few times I was able to dunk over David, even though he would never admit it.

NBA2K8 then entered our lives. Our first time playing together was against Arka and Curtis. It took a Paul Pierce miracle three to beat us. I knocked you around as you got used to the game, then you went on a long undefeated streak with the Suns. Never before have I been unable to beat someone like I couldnt beat you.

Soon, we will be going our separate ways, you on a mission and me getting married. I am excited to hear where you will be and I will write you as much as I write Jake. Everytime I watch a chick flick, you will be on my mind (which many people will think is weird, but they dont understand). Now, whenever I hear Kenny Loggins I will think of you sitting on the couch looking up his songs, waiting to see him in your first concert.

Justin Reese Hales...God be with you.


Keith A. Runyon said...

J was great having you around. Next stop: Mission Field. You know your hommies Jake, Brett, David, et al will be home already and waiting for your return. Double true.
Let us know your mission call as soon as you can.
Poppa Keith

Runyon Family said...

One of Tiff's friends thought that "JRH" had actually died when she read this haha. That kid has to get his call soon! It seems like he's been waiting forever!