Monday, September 15, 2008

Football Frenzy

I dove/dived in head first to football over the last 3 weeks and have not been disappointed. The most amazing part of that sentence is understood by UNLV football fans and "not disappointed" in the same sentence. Yes, I was frustrated when they bent over and got their butts spanked in the second half against Utah, but the other 5 halves they have played made up for it. Sitting with my dad in our living room on saturday still seems as if it was a dream. Coming from 10 points down in the fourth quarter? Still no turnovers this season? A one-handed catch in the end zone? By a freshman? From Las Vegas?...I could go on for a while on how surprised I was to even be in that game, much less win! Here are a few highlights.

The Colts almost got off to a 0-2 start, which may have caused me to go into depression. Even though they ended up winning yesterday's stinker against Minny, I had dreams last night of Greg Gumble saying, "Peterson, still on his feet" while I was being dragged by Adrian Peterson for 5 extra yards. That bent but dont break defense will not work against the big guns! I am not worried about the offense. Peyton should be rusty after knee surgery and no snaps in the preseason. Add to him losing half of his offensive line, including the rock Jeff Saturday, and his favorite check down receiver, Dallas Clark, the rocky start is not a big surprise. They looked a lot better in the second half yesterday, hopefully they can put it all together in the coming weeks. I am a bit worried about the defense. Adrian Peterson is good, but I dont know that he was ever tackled for a loss. Bob Sanders needs to step it up!

I am very excited for the Monday Night game. Philly-Dallas. Shay got lucky this weekend that Keith has been taking his meds, or else her questions of, "What city do the eagles play in?" may have led to a homicide in the Las Vegas area. After the boring Sunday Night game, the boys and eagles should provide enough fireworks for the whole weekend.

One thing to think about. With the way Aaron Rodgers has started, do you think the browns are in any hurry to get Pretty Boy Brady Quinn off the bench? They were in similar situations coming out of college, possible lottery pick, but slid to late in the first round. Hopefully teams will start to see the value of a young qb sitting on the sidelines for a few years soaking up information before throwing him into the fire. I think this is a major reason the NFL needs a rookie pay scale, so teams dont feel bad about letting a guy develop instead of having to guarantee 30 mil, only to see him bust out because of the pressure.

Well, thats about it for the first few weeks of football. We planned our flights to and from NY on Jetblue, enabling us to watch the thursday night college game on the flight out there and the nfl games on the way home...thats dedication, homes.


Andrew and Heidi said...

Andrew had ESPN on (of course) all afternoon and evening on Saturday and we got a clip of that one-handed catch....that was AWESOME!

Andrew and Heidi said...

Dixon--you know, if you you take Frank Summers's eyes, and Brian Johnson's eyes, on average, they are right where they're supposed to be. Good for UNLV for the big win!

liNdsEYloO said...

i see you failed to mention to DISGUSTING display of football that was UCLA this weekend. i HATE UCLA, but i cried for them.

Keith A. Runyon said...

Mike Sanford needs to quit crying like a little baby after victories. You are SUPPOSED to win.

Just win baby.

steve said...

this just in....Bob Sanders out 4 to 6 weeks. Sorry Dixon. Peyton, vinatieiri and reggie wayne are on my fantasy team though so i do cheer for the colts

The Facers said...

Hey old friend I randomly saw your name on a mutual friends blog and decided to check it out, and it is the same old Levitt I use to know. Whats up!? Love the Rebel enthusiasm, my husband Kip actually played for the UNLV football team from 05 - 06'. He was their punter, so he played a lot! ha. Anyways, GO REBELS!

-Mel (De La Paz) Facer