Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Acceptance Letter

Dear President Obama,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I accept you as the next President of the United States. Even though I did not vote for you, I understand that by casting a vote, I am expressing my willingness to support my elected leaders, whether or not I choose them. Your leadership and oratorical skills are very impressive, skills which I hope you use to strengthen this beautiful country. I would like to offer some advice; keep exercising, eating right and quit smoking...this should keep Joe Biden in the Naval Conservatory as Vice President.

The next four years will be interesting for this whole nation, especially for you. I am ready to support you 100% and I am sure I will be willing to offer constructive criticism whenever you need it. You have already made history, dont let that be the last time it happens. If I can ask one favor, it would be to create a College Football Playoff. I know that may seem trivial compared to the problems facing the economy, or our foreign relations, but it would really make me happy. Think about it, no President in the history of our nation has been able to accomplish that, while many have been able to win wars, or create new jobs. I think that is the way you can leave your true legacy on Main Street!

President, good luck and God speed.


Dixon Leavitt


Keith A. Runyon said...


I remain impressed that you are so engaged in the matters of the world at such a youthful age. Too many young people don't care or simply don't have a clue about world affairs. I also like that although you are serious student of politics, there remains a hint of sarcasm in your post(s) - keep it that way.

This is history and you will always remember this day. I think that is pretty cool.

We all need to get behind Obama for the sake of this great country. I'm glad to see you have this same conviction.

And wouldn't it be great if he did fix college football? Seriously, he said it on Monday Night Football that that is THE ONE thing he would like to see in sports - A college football playoff. Personally, I think that is what won him the election. He POTUS-elect....JUST DO IT.

And I'd have Utah at #8 not UNC like Pat Forde wrote in his column.

Uncle Keith

Hannah Leavitt said...

Love how you weren't insanely mad and make fun of Obama like you always do to somebody on your blog.
And somebody give me a request for my blog, thanks for the requests Dixon.