Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cold Soda-Location Theory

While we were eating In N Out on our way home from Mexico this past weekend, my brain was firing on all cylinders. It had been a while since I had experienced those feelings; in fact, it had been almost six years. Previously, it happened while I was having a slurpee in Virginia, which was a very disappointing slurpee experience. Now, I (with help from my wife) came up with a great explanation for In N Out.

While I was enjoying a fabulous burger and fries, for some odd reason it surprised me how good it tasted. It shouldnt have surprised me, as it was In N Out, but then I realized where my last few In N Out experiences had taken place...St. George Utah. I had gotten used to having In N Out in the first state that does not directly touch California. I likened it to the different ways of having Cold Soda, at least through my eyes. The principles apply the same depending on how you like your soda.

1. Iced Mug
The Iced Mug experience only happens in California. That is the founding place of In N Out and embodies all that the restaurant stands for. When drinking soda out of an iced mug, it stays cold for a good amount of time and some of the gas can escape, flattening the soda. This is how I prefer my soda.

2. Can out of the middle of the cooler
The COOTMOTC experience happens in the states which touch California: Nevada and Arizona. As long as the soda is consumed quickly, it is still very cold and always has the best taste. It just doesnt have quite the same grandeur as the iced mug. The creative juices and lifestyle of California can seep into these states since they are touching each other.

3. Fountain Drink Full of Ice
The FDFOI experience is still a great way to have soda, but it is my least favorite. There are many different factors that go into play, from the amount of syrup in the mixture, the amount of CO2 in the mixture, how cold the mixture is coming out of the fountain and how quickly the ice melts. While I can never turn down soda just because it is from the fountain, I prefer the other. The St. George location is still great, because it is In N Out, but now it has California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah variable to deal with.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that In N Out in California is the greatest way to consume the burger and fries, but the other locations cannot be ignored. I urge all who think they have experienced In N Out without partaking in California locations, to do so as soon as possible, as it is a life changing experience!


Alec and Tiffany said...

You can't forget about ice. Ice is a huge factor. Sonic ice is amazing. It's gotta be soft enough to not hurt when you eat it yet able to resist melting until you finish your drink. I prefer the small M&M size square ice cubes.


Bobbi Leavitt said...

Well, for someone who has lived in AZ, UT, AND CA, i want to add time factor to the list. We lived 10 min away from INO in AZ and 5 in CA. When you have to drive at least 45 min to taste the deciliousness,
(like you do in UT) a few points get added on. and for what it is worth, in AZ, when it is 114 degrees, a cold soda is a cold soda.