Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I have a new favorite website (I had to find something new once Keiths blog went all Politically Correct), called Stuff White People Like. Here is the link.

Basically, they have a big list of things that white people like, with an explanation for each one. Also, they have running features like, White People in the News and White Spots.

White Spots highlights places around the world commonly frequented by us crackers.

Honestly, I dont know why I never came up with this idea. The funniest part about it is how much white people love it. The site has become a huge hit very quickly. It was started at the beginning of the year and has received almost 18 million hits.

I love how something like this can be covered in the New York or LA Times as a great or fantastic website, while a site called Stuff Black People Like would be labeled as racially insensitive if links to it were forwarded constantly day after day.

In fact, I think there should be a site called Stuff Black People Like just to educate all people that have grown up in Utah! How else are they supposed to understand their culture when only 57 live in the whole state?

Ok, enough about the color of skin...

For some reason, I have had writers block every time I try to express my feelings on this years NCAA Tournament. The good thing is I am pretty sure I know the reason why, which was my vague recap of the Mountain West Tournament. I have decided to censor myself publicly on the subject so as not to arouse feelings of hatred in myself or from other people. I NEVER censor myself, especially on this blog, which I started to express my feelings and opinions on whatever I feel like writing about, as no one is forced to read, much less agree with me. But in this situation, it felt like the right thing to do. Now, I just need to get over my pride so I can continue to entertain all my fans! :)

Anyways, I will maybe try some live blogging during this weekends action to see if that gets me out of this funk.

Hugs and Hand pounds,
Wink's greatest fan


Keith A. Runyon said...


Allow me to state for the record: My Blog HAS NOT gone politically correct, but in a moment of rage and anger I "backed off" of some combustible topics a few weeks ago....I got soft. I apologize.

Dixon, I want you to know that I remain a rebel WITH a cause, and will continue to blog about whatever I feel like writing about political correctness be damned. I'll say it again...political correctness be damned.....and again....and again....

Keep blogging about what YOU want to write about. I love it! Stuff White People Like!!!!! I can only hope Spike Lee sees it! Or Bill Cosby. Preserve the race brother!

Runyon Family said...

It's Confuscious Chinese week at the U this week. There is black history months. Latin week. I am so discriminated against...maybe on Med School applications I will accidentally check the latin box...