Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It is oh so close

I am feeling spring break..even seeing it when I close my eyes. Right now, I am sitting in my backyard enjoying the last hour or so of a beautiful early spring day.

One of my new years resolutions is to improve my golf game. I know, thats not saying much, but it has been warm enough the last few days to take my swing practice from the garage or living room to the backyard. The local range isnt open yet, so I am depending on my trusty plastic wiffle balls. Its a good way to work on my swing. I had a breakthrough today! I lightened my grip and the swing came through more naturally. That will be one of many improvement made through the next 6 months.

On to college basketball...

Gonzaga got beat last night in their conference tournament, which basically guarantees that the MWC doesnt get three teams in. With the east coast bias that exists, the committee will never allow the WCC and MWC to get three bids, especially when they can throw another overrated big east team in! Hopefully Butler can come through tonight so another bubble spot doesnt get taken.

That is it for today. I did not get to enjoy the weather as much as I wanted to, since I had class from 12-6 this afternoon. Depressing...


Keith A. Runyon said...

College is on your golf game. It generates more business.

kylee said...

Man! I am jealous that you have a backyard! =0) haha.. I bet Shay could give you some pretty tough competition at golf though.. have you seen her lucky swing??!!!

Janae' said...

Your basketball research, analysis & knowledge compares to Rocket Science...maybe you need to rethink all the tuition you're paying.
Drive safe's always fun when you come to town!

Auntie Nae'

Runyon Family said...

I agree with mom. Why go into insurance when you are a genius when it comes to college sports. I tell Jake the same thing. If Mike and Mike can get a radio show you guys should have no problem...start local, go regional, then go big...see ya next week, playa.

And don't forget about our know what I am talking about