Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Observations

-Shay and I saw Hancock last night, it was very good. I had seen a lot of negative reviews, but it is a perfect Will Smith 4th of July movie. I would highly recommend it, but watch out for the little ones, there is a lot of language.

-It was fun to watch a lot of the dancers struggle last night on SYTYCD. When they have to perform two dances, it leaves a lot less time to brush up on each little detail. The "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" dance from Twitch and Kherington was awesome, although I might be a little biased as that is my favorite John Mayer song.

-Why is baseball season so long? Luckily ESPN is smart and airs the My Wish stories on sportscenter during the dog days of summer, in the middle of all those baseball "highlights" that seem to run together.

-4th of July is going to be very different this year. With my dad and janae out of the country and the fact that Shay and I are going to her parents house, means no all-day pool parties and illegal firework shows! Usually I am one who embraces change, but this is my favorite holiday of the year and am nervous that I will be disappointed...but I am still VERY excited for Hannah Montana. :)

-College basketball season cannot come fast enough. After the Australia tour, it seems like the rebels are in the middle of their season. This "teaser" was worth it though.

Just a few things I wanted to get out of my head. Once I can find a good youtube video of it, I will post my favorite SYTYCD routine of this week. (You know you secretly like all the dancing Steve)


Alec & Tiffany Runyon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROHA! I hope you had fun!

Your favorite cousin

steve said...
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steve said...


I like Hancock too. We watched it in Pocatello where they have this new thing called stadium seating at the theatre!

You are going to have to educate me on SYTYCD because I don't get it.

How is married life?

Ate' mais Rapaz!