Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Night Out in SLC

I made it safely to the land of the north today. I had to bring my truck up for Alyssa to use since she wrecked her car a few weeks ago. I am so nervous! She better treat it good.

Tonight, Shaylee and I went to dinner with Alec, Tiff, Jake and Amy at Rodizio Grill. The Pao de Queijo was absolutely amazing, as was just about everything else. It was the first time Alec and Tiff had met Shaylee and we all had a good time. I got everyone to try the chicken heart, which is very good when you dont think about what you are putting in your mouth. Shaylee had to get to a family thing, but the rest of us went to see I Am Legend. I saw it last night also, it was great. We had a good time discussing it on the way home! Alec watched the Guy Love clip from Scrubs for the first time. It went over very well! Here are some pictures from tonight.

Tiff giving Alec a dirty look for eating too much

A better picture of the young couple

Me and Shaylee

Jake and Tiff getting ready to try chicken heart

So, I am watching a special episode of "The Soup" which shows the funniest game show moments of the year. It is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a while. One girl on Teen Jeopardy told a stupid story about how she and her family went camping and were scared they would see bear. After not seeing one, they were disappointed so they went looking for one. Then they saw one...the end.

Wow, this is compelling television! Especially after midnight. I dont think it would be nearly as funny in the middle of the day.

I rediscovered the album Ocean Avenue on the drive up there this morning. That was very fun. I think that is one of the more undervalued albums on my ipod. One of my favorite parts about long drives is turning up the volume and really enjoying some music. It doesnt happen enough.

I had an epiphany at dinner tonight...I have been home for over 10 months now. I cant believe how fast the time has gone. Last night, me, shaylee and justin watched the slide show from our Christmas conference last year. Time flies... Christmas is just around the corner and I am still not prepared. I have presents for Jessica, Chase and Hannah, but still dont have everything for Mom, Dad and Alyssa. I have no clue what I am getting for mom. Im sure something will come to me soon.

Stay classy San Diego,


Heather said...

so fun!! I hope that Alyssa takes good care of your sure she will, no worries!! and you and shay are SO cute together! I hope you have a safe flight home!!

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Scary, on so many levels....