Saturday, December 29, 2007


I got back from a quick trip to San Francisco last night. Out hotel didnt have wireless, so I wasnt able to provide any updates! Here is the top 10 movies list. Hopefully I can get sometime later today to go over Christmas and San Fran...until then, enjoy!

Top 10 Movies 2007
1. Dan In Real Life
Steve Carell turned in a surprising performance in my favorite movie of the year. This was a funny movie with a great story line. Even Dane Cook was good!
2. Juno
I had very high expectations for Juno and I was not disappointed. A great soundtrack and great acting made this a personal classic.
3. The Bourne Ultimatum
A fantastic end to a great franchise. The fight seen through the slums of Morrocco may be my favorite part of any action movie.
4. I Am Legend
Again, high expectations for me on this one. Will Smith turned in an award winning performance. The special effects were amazing and even though it was a sci-fi storyline, it didnt seem over the top, like War of the Worlds.
5. Hairspray
I dont know if I have ever laughed harder in a movie than I did during John Travolta's dance solo at the end of Hairspray. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie.
6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Through 5 films, they are finally figuring out how to make a Harry Potter movie. The actors are getting more mature and have really become their characters. The whole Deparment of Mysteries scene was fantastic!
7. Transformers
Judging by the trailer, I did not expect much from this movie. Little did I know it would be fantastic. Shia Lebouf is becoming one of my favorites.
8. Blades of Glory
Behind Anchorman, my favorite Will Ferrell movie yet.
9. Disturbia
Again, I had low expectations for this Shia Lebouf movie, but I was wrong. Well written, with an actual story line, which is weird for a horror movie.
10. License to Wed
The Office cast has been well represented on this years list. A great chick flick.

Honorable Mention
Spider-Man 3
American Gangster (Judging by the trailers!)


Runyon Family said...

For all of those who look at Dixon's blog, just know that I trust Dixon's taste in entertainment so much that I would consult his top 10 lists before any others. And just because he mentioned some movies that I have never even heard of, I will go rent them just because I know that he has good taste! He's the man! Feliz Navidad! Gracias por todo!