Wednesday, June 18, 2008


KG, The Big Ticket, Member of the Boston Three Party

He finally won a championship! Even though I am not a Celtics fan, I am definitely a Kevin Garnett fan. Since the NBA started advertising their league has a players league instead of a team league 15 years ago, I have not had a favorite NBA team. Instead, I have linked myself to certain players. KG was the first that I latched onto. For too many years, he played on not good enough teams in Minnesota. I died each year as they failed to get out of the first round. Then, in 2005, it seemed as if they had finally gotten over the hump, only to be knocked out in the conference finals.

When I heard about KG possibly being traded this past summer, I hoped it would be to the Suns, who were the closest team in the league to being my team. When he ended up going to the Celtics, I found myself in a hard place. I couldnt cheer for the celtics!!!! The first half of the year, I was enforcing my ban on watching the NBA, hearing about the amazing year it was turning into. I need to thank Jake for bartering a deal that allowed me to resume my NBA fanhood when he left on his mission; basically taking over what he had started.

It did not take long for me to get back into the game. Shay and I started dating and I used her love for the Jazz as an opportunity for me to sharpen up my NBA knowledge. We spent many nights over the past few months listening to the horrible KJZZ announcers! I was back...and so was the NBA.

For the Celtics to blow out the Lakers to clinch the championship was only fitting. Kobe was finally named MVP in a year where two or three other player had valid claims for the trophy. Also, he seemed to disappear after the first quarter in each game. I could not bask enough in the scene of Kobe trying to make his way to the locker room with confetti falling and reporters mauling KG, Ray and The Truth.

The journey of those three, plus the journey of the Celtics franchise back to the top, mirrors my own journey back to being an NBA fan. We all took different routes and had our reasons for our actions, but in the end, everyone won.


Alec & Tiffany Runyon said...

I was excited for KG, allen, and pierce until KG went all ghetto on us..."I'm on top of the world" with those scary werewolf eyes....and Pierce's "I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO" as he accepted the MVP trophy...i wonder how many kids saw KG in their nightmares that evening...