Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

It is finally that time of the year! So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is down to the top 20 and my dance critiquing is happening twice a week. SYTYCD is my favorite reality show. You may ask, Dixon, you hate American Idol, isnt SYTYCD the same thing? That is a very valid question, but let me present a few personal reasons why this show consumes my summers.

1. Dancers arent born, they are made.
On AI, you get many people who have grown up singing, but have never recieved proper training. These people have advanced far in the competition in the past. Dancing is a different story. One may be born with a "dancing body" (as I have heard about me before) but without taking classes and a lot of practice, there is no way you can be a competitive dancer. This was evident many times this season, when good dancers advanced to the choreography round but looked as if they had two left feet trying to understand even the basic moves.

2. Participants have personalities.
Yes, American Idol people have personalities, but some of them consist of, I cant believe people actually think I am a good singer so I will cry after every performance. Dancers may be weird sometimes, but at least they know how to act in front of an audience. Plus, you get to see some very entertaining victory/happy dances.

3. Judges make a lot more sense
SYTYCD judges actually critique the dancing, not song choice or choreographer choice. Also, every judge brings something to the table, unlike Paula who they prop up with a cleavage heavy dress on and she only has three or four lines to use the whole season. Many people dont like Lynita Nelson, I mean Mary Murphy, one of the two regular judges, because she never opens her mouth, but at least she knows a thing or two about dancing. Paula knows a thing or two about taking provacative pictures and hiring a good producer (which most AI contestants need to even have a chance of salvaging a singing career).

Anyways, those are a few reasons I am stuck to the couch on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the summer.

Last night was the first non-audition episode. The top 20 we randomly placed into pairs and drew different types of dances out of a hat. Every dance was aboslutely great. This season is going to be very competitive. My top three are Chelsie, Kourtni and twitch. Chelsie has been my pick to win since her first audition. As long as she doesnt get partnered with a weak guy, she should cruise to the top 10.

Tonight is the first elimination. The bottom three couples will all have a chance to perform solos. Then, the judges will send one guy and one girl home. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!


Andrew & Heidi said...

You can like SYTYCD, but you're not supposed to openly admit it.

Ryan said...

Hey Dixon ... I'm not ashamed. I'll admit it with you. And I agree - WAY BETTER than AI.

Alec & Tiffany Runyon said...

I like both but AI is still my winner. You should be proud that you are the one that introduced me to the show...I will admit that the happy/victory dances are MUCH better in this show than in AI. I don't like the crying after each performance, either. Once, I can handle. Twice is pushing their luck. And three times or more is just overboard...

liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

you;re standing there in your truth. i love mary- but who can top that??

Janae' said...

I just finished watching the season finale of Step up and Dance....jeesh....dancing a brutal to the body.

I trust your recomendation. I'll have to set up the Tivo.

How's Lyla? Post some photos!

Aunt Nae'

aubrey said...
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