Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Can't Handle It!

Are politicians just 5 year old kids in 50 year old bodies (or in McCain's case, 110)? Why cant they just present their viewpoints without bashing what their opponent has to say? Things have gotten so petty, and there is still 4 months until the election! Obama was in Vegas yesterday and said some outrageous things about McCain's energy plans, while he himself was making outrageous promises. Where does it end? I think President Bush should secretly set up hidden cameras in all the places the candidates go when they are not in public...houses, buses, planes, etc. I mean, Bush has nothing to lose now, people bash him constantly, why not do something like this to show the American people just who these two really are? I know thats a crazy idea, but I want to hear what Barack says when it is just him and his wife flying another 1000 miles, deciding if they should bash McCain's immigration policy or his Iraq policy!

Honestly, I think Michelle Obama is the biggest threat to the United States.

I have seen her on a few different shows, from the Colbert Report to the View (just highlights on the news, i dont watch the view), and still have never seen her smile. The First Lady is the mother of america! If you want to see what type of mother someone who doesnt smile becomes, watch John and Kate Plus we want someone like that going to bed each night with our President? The guy will go crazy! Can we please get a reprieve from these two until October?