Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Ward...A New Start

I finally figured out what ward I am in!! For those that didnt hear about my situation, here is an explanation.

When I came back from Thanksgiving break, I went to church and someone came up to me saying they didnt think I was in the ward anymore. I told them I had been at home for the last few weeks, but was still living in the ward. He went on to say that I thought my street was no longer part of the ward. I talked to a few more people and they confirmed his suspicions. The search was on!

I talked to the counselors in the bishopric, who were able to tell me I was no longer in the ward, but not where I had been moved to. During the week, I called my bishop, or former bishop, asking him if he knew where I was supposed to go. He also didnt know but told me he would know by sunday and just to go to his ward again that week. Upon arriving at church, I asked my bishop if he had found out where I was supposed to be. He said he had forgotten, but apologized and said he would find out. A member of the stake presidency was at sacrament meeting that day, so I asked him. He also was not able to help me. Finally, I gave up for the day, deciding to call my bishop later in the week and remind him. The semester ended, and I went back home. During the break, I attempted to get a hold of my former bishop, but was unsuccessful for 3 weeks straight. Yesterday, I decided I would try my luck on the church website. I remembered that if you logged in to you account, it would take you directly to the ward where your records are. I did this and found out I was in the 25th ward.

Now, I knew my ward, but they did not keep up their site, so I didnt know where or when to go. After thinking about it, I realized that ward sounded familiar and someone I know is in it. I saw a few people I knew last night at the game and asked around, but no one could help me out. Shaylee and I came back to my house to watch the last few minutes of the Steelers-Jags game and I remembered that the 25th ward was one of the dorm wards. I called Adam to find out what ward he was in and I had finally found my answer!! That is his ward and he was able to tell me when and where to go.

Anyways, today was my first day in that ward. I was rather happy to change wards as the last one wasnt my favorite, to say the least. During testimonies, I was thinking about John the Beloved and his choice to stay on Earth till the resurrection instead of being granted the wish of the rest of the original Disciples. I realized he understood something none of the others did. During the time we are in paradise waiting for the resurrection, we will want to be back here trying to help in the work with the wisdom we have gained. It was completely selfless of him. I need to understand this now and take advantage of my time here and make a better effort to help my fellow men, because I am pretty sure Christ will not be giving me the same choice he did the disciples!

I really enjoyed my new ward and am excited to get a calling and start home teaching. I never got a home teaching assignment in my last ward, but not because of a lack of effort! Also, I never recieved a home teaching visit from anyone. I hope it will be different this semester.

School starts tomorrow and I am not ready! I love being back up in Cedar, but have never liked school. Oh well, I guess I need to get over that.


Heather said...

im glad that you found your new ward!! I hope that you have a great day at school tomorrow! Remember not to poor hot water on your windshield to melt the ice!!!

Cdixon said...

Just opened your blog for the first time....can't believe all of the things I learned about you that I had no idea! I had no idea about the ward thing going on! I am proud of you for your persistence in many people would have given up and used that as an excuse to go inactive! Also, your words on John the Beloved were very touching...I never thought of it that way. But it makes so much sense. I love you. Mom

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Dixon--if you hate school, wait 'till you have to work every day! It sucks. Good post. --Andrew