Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tyler is home!!!

I saw Tyler today. For those that dont know, Tyler is one of my best friends from High School. He was the last of us to go on his mission, even though he should have been the first. As he was preparing his papers, a doctor found a growth in his shoulder. It wasnt cancerous, and had it removed. About a week before being cleared to send in his papers after the surgery, they found some more problems in his shoulder and he had to start the waiting game again. Finally, about a year and a half later, he left for the Brazil Belem Mission, which is right on the edge of the Amazon.

All of us have been anxiously awaiting his return, since Tyler is usually the life of the party. I had planned on seeing him Friday, but the plans didnt work out. He is doing very well, still a bit weird, and is going to be in vegas next weekend. He is very excited to go to Claim Jumper with my dad.

Shaylee and I drove up to SLC on Friday afternoon. Her parents went out of town, so she was babysitting her siblings. I stayed with Alec and Tiff. They went to Provo friday night for Kadee's concert. I went up to Shaylees house and hung out with her and her family. We had a fun night. Saturday, me, alec and tiff just sat around, enjoying our saturday morning. The rebs played at San Diego State, so we watched that in the afternoon. Curtis Terry continued his SDSU magic with a game winning three pointer with 26 seconds left. It was a big interconference road win for the young team. Now, they are tied with the housecats for first place.

This morning, Tyler spoke in Springville. We had a bit of an adventure trying to find the right chapel, but we eventually made it. He gave a great talk, even though he kept slipping into portuguese. David Strobehn and I had a good time translating for everyone around us. After, his family had people over for food and socializing. With a few friends there, we had fun exchanging mission stories and adventures.

Tiff made some great Broccoli Cheese soup for dinner. She all of a sudden learned to cook this week! She treated us to London Broil yesterday. Her practice is paying off.

Shay and I are gonna have a late drive tonight. He family had late church, so we wont be able to hit the road for a few hours. I have a stats test tomorrow, surprisingly im not too worried about it! We will see if I still feel the same way 24 hours from now.


Runyon Family said...

We loved having you this weekend. it was a lot of fun...but whoa whoa whoa on the "just" now learning how to cook. You just came on a good week when I cook every night lol.

Janae' said...


You gotta listen to me on these things....I told you at the beginning of the season the Curtis "CU-T" Terry would be the man this year....come on now everyone throws up an airball once in a while!

Love you!
Auntie Nae'