Saturday, January 5, 2008

Very Productive Days

I have a few funny stories to pass on to my beloved readers.

One night, two young men were figuring out what to do when they recieved a text from a hot girl. "Hot Tub, Katie's House, 8:00" Quickly, Gilbert responded asking for directions. During the 10 minutes it took to recieve a response, Gilbert and Jorge realized they had recieved a "courtesy text". Finally, Ashley responded telling Gilbert to call Katie for directions.

Gilbert called and got directions. Before hanging up, he asked permission to bring Jorge. It is important to understand something about Jorge, he is very fat. Gilbert asked Katie if there was a problem if a fat kid came with him. He made sure she understood he was very fat and asked if there would be room in the hot tub. Katie gave the hesitant ok, then plans were set in motion. After talking to Katie, Gilbert knew for sure they had recieved a "courtesy text" but they were excited for the awkwardness that could occur if they went. Their first idea was to go in speedos, but they were pressed for time and realized their presence would be awkward enough.

Upon arrival, Gilbert and Jorge made their first awkward move of the night by knocking on the door instead of going around to the back yard. Quickly, they realized there was already an even amount of guys and girls in the hot tub. This wasnt a big deal to Gilbert and Jorge as they enjoyed living their alternative lifestyle together. The two proceeded to the hot tub and everyone moved in closer to find a bit of room for them. About 8-10 minutes after entering the hot tub, conversation slowed down. A few minutes later, Gilbert and Jorge found themselves with one other couple in the hot tub. Ashley shot them a look of, "Yes, I like this guy and want to be alone." The two pretended they didnt understand and stayed in the hot tub for a few minutes creating awkward conversation for the new couple. Finally, they got out and joined everyone in the house. Everyone was kinda paired up and Jorge and Gilbert didnt really know anyone there. They through out some really wierd ideas, jumping off the roof, etc., but all the people just kinda looked at them wanting them to leave. A few different serious ideas were thrown around without the two boys in mind. This time they took the hint and decided to leave. Their plan of awkwardness was achieved and they headed home, less than an hour after arrival.

Really, this is a true story about Mike and Trevor. I wish it was a joke, but everything in this story happened!

The next story happened tonight.

We, Trevor, Mike and I, went to Jillian's for a concert of local bands. One of our friends, Sonya, brothers band was the headliner. Sonya's family is from Logandale and many friends and family were in town for the show. Also, lots of people from the local singles wards were there. When we got there, Sonya introduced us to a bunch of her friends from home. Mike and Trevor are trying to get over their attraction to each other and I decided I would be a good wingman and help them out. They pointed out a few interests and we went to work.

The first band we saw was very good. I knew they would be from the first time I saw they had an African-American keyboard player. This was a new thing to me, so I was excited. A few of these girls stayed close to us and I kept trying to push the conversation away from me and more towards my boys. It was going very well.

The next band was horrible. We had a great time joking around about them. I noticed Trevor had kinda made a decision and tried to come up with a plan to help him. At this point, the band we were there for, Air Raid Anthem, was getting ready to play. I was excited. I was full of energy. I used every bit of my energy during their set. It was great!! Anyways, the concert ended and we started to figure out where to go from there. We decided on In n Out and one girl told us to call her when we got there. This was when my wingman skills came in handy. She leaned over to me to give me her number, but I told her my phone was about to die and brought in Trevor. It was a good move.

We got to In n Out and sat down at a table with these two girls Mike and Trevor were interested in. About five minutes after sitting down, Trevor asked these girls where they were going to school. It was about this time I got up to get some water, but I still heard the answer and it was a good thing I was not at the table because I was laughing so hard. "We are still in high school..." was all I needed to hear! Later I found out what the next comment was and it explained the overwhelmingly awkward silence that greeted me as I returned to the table. Pointing to the guy at the table next to her, "And this is my dad." I dont know how Mike and Trevor were able to keep straight faces the whole time!

After I got back to the table, we tried to keep conversation going so it wouldnt be too awkward for everyone involved. It was about this time I got a text from Shay and pulled my phone out to respond. The girl sitting across from me, Kayla, had never seen an iPhone so she asked to look at it. I handed it over to her and kept talking to Trevor. After a few minutes, she was still messing with my phone. I looked over at her and she said, "I want to leave a note on your phone, ok? It will only take a minute or so. And, I wanted to see how it worked to put peoples numbers in, so I put mine in." Could anyone be more obvious? I just said ok and a few minutes later she gave me my phone back. I really wanted to look at the note, but decided it would probably be best to wait until she was had left. We sat there with them for another 15-20 minutes until them and everyone else that had met at In n Out left, but we were still waiting for people. The second they walked out the door, I pulled out my phone and read the note. Here is what it said. "D - You are so rad! Text me some time! Love Kayla <3" I exploded into laughter as I tried to show Mike and Trevor what it said. Mike and I had been making comments about the whole High School thing in Portuguese all night, adding to the amusement.

Finally, the two girls we were waiting for, Lindsay and her friend Kaisha, showed up. Almost immediately, we told them this story, which was probably a mistake on our part because they took every opportunity for the rest of the night to remind us that we are into High School girls!

A few random stories from Jessica.

First, Jessica and j-jar were at the gym yesterday morning when they started discussing the recent departure of Lamar Roberson from the rebels. They decided they needed to do something to show him a proper, respectful departure. After their workout, they went to the Jarmans and made a poster that said RIP Lamar with little sayings around it. Then, they ripped it into little pieces and threw them into the street!

Second, she went to a Chris Brown concert last night! Remember, my sister is white. She said he was actually the only good one, which doesnt surprise me when the rest of the line up is made up of Lil Mama, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. I think she has jungle fever.

Well, I think that is it for this edition of cancel out the noise. I hope this provides some comic relief for those of you out there.


Keith A. Runyon said...

Jungle Fever.....I am still laughing. Good one.

Heather said...

high school girls...NICE!!! Just make sure to keep it jail bait.

Lyssa & Jack Jack said...

OH hey can you please help me out with my blg cuz I have no idea how to work this thing and i get extra credit in my english class for having one!