Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two down...too many to go

Im through the first two days of school. My classes have not been too bad, but it has been everything going on outside of them that has. In november, I made sure I registered for classes at midnight of the first day so I could get all the classes I wanted/needed. Easy peasy...I thought. Everything worked out perfectly until I got on sunday night to look up classrooms and stuff. Thats when I realized I had been put of the waitlist of my English class. Ok, I thought, that must be some weird mistake, I will work it out tomorrow. In the mean time, I found another english class I was interested in that had a few open spots.

After my first class monday morning, I went to the registrar to figure things out. There, I was informed that the only person who can move people from the waiting list to the real class is the professor. I called the professor who told me she had not even looked it over yet. Then she told me that I had no hope because not only was I on the waiting list...I was number 20 on the list!! There are only 25 people in each english class, so I had no chance of her being in a classroom with a few extra desks. My only hope is 20 people dropping the class by friday. I turned to my backup.

This was an internet course, which I figured would probably be better for me in english because then I dont have as much interaction with the professor. Being someone who is open with his opinions, I usually clash with english people. Being an internet course, I could only enroll through the professor. I wasnt worried because it showed 5 or 6 open spots online. I went to talk to him. He told me there was a very long waiting list for his course also, but my chances were a bit better than the other class.

Ok, I guess I am not supposed to take english this semester!! I looked today for one more class so I can take more than 12 credits. Since I am taking stats and trying to work a few more hours this semester, I didnt want to take anything too tough, but also wasnt going to take a class that I didnt need. That didnt work out either. Nothing goes with my schedule, even the tougher classes I didnt want to take at the same time as stats. Basically, unless a miracle happens, I am going to have 12 credits and will have to take english over the summer to stay on schedule. I got totally screwed in this situation. And I thought my lack of procrastination was supposed to be a blessing?!?!?

Anyways, outside of the school arena, life has been good. I dont have class until noon on tuesdays and thursdays, so I was able to wake up at 8 this morning and get a lot done. I got a Golds membership yesterday, which is a huge step up from the on campus gym. After my workout, I came home and watched the first new episode of the Colbert Report in 7 weeks! How I lived through those weeks is beyond me. Even without writers he was amazing, but some segments could get a little stale very soon. I went over my stats homework from the night before (I need to stay on top of it while I still understand) and got some work done. After class, I worked for a few more hours and now here I am.

This afternoon, Justin called saying his car was stuck. We got about a foot and half of snow from sunday night to monday morning and the worst part is right now. The roads are back to normal, but if you part on the side of the road, there is a good chance you will end up stuck. His car is also rear wheel drive...which doesnt help. I went over to try and help and we recruited another kid walking down the street. We were very unsucessful. The back right wheel just kept going further and further into the snow bank. We decided to find a few others and try again. We got two of our friends to come help and finally got it out. I was pushing the side that was very stuck, and kept getting sprayed with nasty snow. It was actually a very funny scene to those passing by.

Last night we watched the last BCS game at my house. The first half was good, but LSU ran away with it. Typical BCS game! We had a bunch of food and stuff, it was fun. Brett Parry came over and it was good to catch up with him.

Well, that is all for today. I like my classes and think they will be a bit easier than I expected. I have all but one class in the Dixon (Dixie) Leavitt Business building. I should get an honorary degree because of that building!


Runyon Family said...

If you are bored I will email you some of my homework and you can do it for me. Seriously, I don't mind. Just let me know...manda saludos a Justin.